Sunday, August 25, 2013

People Are Strange

     We all have that someone we warn our boyfriend/girlfriend about when they are about to meet the family for the first time.

     The sixty year old Auntie who thinks she’s still twenty and might try to hit on you. Seriously. Or the Uncle farts in front of everyone and thinks it funny.

     My mother in law never liked her dishes to leave the kitchen or dining area. If a glass was set on the floor while you were watching T.V. it would be tossed out as trash. If anyone washed their hands in her kitchen sink, it would have to be replaced. She also had an extra set of dishes for people who “weren’t family.” They were very nice dishes, but it wasn’t because she was saving them for company. It was because they had different kind of germs. Still, she was a very lovely lady and lots of fun to be around and everybody loved her.

     The guy that lives in the apt. above me had fourteen cats. Someone called animal control and now he only has about eight, but claims he has two. Nice guy, very clean, very friendly, just strange.

      I know a lady (a professional) who can’t have any one touch her bed, and a man who refuses to cut his toenails because he can’t stand anyone to touch his feet but his fingernails are well manicured.

     I once saw a lady who carried a dead kitten in her purse, wrapped in tissue paper. She said it was in a coma and refused to believe it had passed on. I  recently heard about a lady who goes to a hair salon every six weeks but will only allow the hairdresser cut a few strands at a time and she has to choose the ones that can be cut. The list can go on and on. The point is people are strange.

     I have been working on a quirky character for my WIP. The problem is, finding quirks that are uncommon.  Biting finger nails down to the quick, typical; swallowing said nails, quirky.

     I’m sure you all know someone with little eccentricities feel free to share them here in the comments or with your readers through your characters.