Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Everybody Reads YA Sunday!

Today I’m sharing  an excerpt of my short story 27x’s

When Cupid's arrow hits Nixie she feels it. Literally. And it opens the door for her first shot at love.


Nixie works at Recurve, a popular shooting range. She spends all her spare time at work, or at practice. She has grown accustom to an almost nonexistent love life, but when good looking Garrett shows up for lessons, Cupid shows up too. This new development brings out Nixie’s competitive nature, and pits two rival shooters against each other for first place in the tournament, and in Garrett’s heart.

Anger bubbled up from the pit of Nixie’s stomach although, technically, she had no right to be angry at him even if he did kiss the easiest girl this side of the Rocky Mountains instead of her.

About the Author:  Mary Ann Cortez lives in Colorado with her one true love. She spends her days reading, writing, and loving her grandkids.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Everybody Reads YA!

Happy “Everybody Reads YA” Sunday! 

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my YA mystery suspense novel, Sister Sleuths and the Shadowman.

A pair of twin sisters befriend a lonely girl on Facebook, and soon find themselves in the middle of a mystery. With each clue they uncover, the girls get closer to discovering a secret that has been buried for decades.

I look back at the screen. Up in the corner I see I’ve got a massage. “It can’t be!”
I click on it. Annabelle’s picture appears. The message says,
I know what you think.
But please don’t give up on me. I need your help.
“What the-? I thought I blocked her.”
I go through the process and block her again. I shut the computer and walk away.
“She isn’t real, Sam. The real Annabelle is dead. This is just someone trying to trick us.

Sandy and Samantha may be twins, but sharing the same birthday is where their similarities end. It seems like the girls will never find common ground until they stumble upon another set of siblings hiding secrets, lies, and shadows of the past.

About the Author:

As a small child M. A. Cortez lived in a big old house with plenty of secret passageways and hidden doors, which, fueled her overactive imagination. She used those memories to create the setting for this story.

Instagram@ BookwormyXOX0