Sunday, March 26, 2017

Everybody Reads YA

Happy everybody reads YA Sunday.
Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. Time to unpack all those warm weather clothes than haven't seen the light of day since November.
To help get you in the mood, I'm sharing a excerpt from my book Moon Dance.

Blurb: Luna has one wish for her birthday. She wants to spend it forgetting her ex and celebrating with her family. When her plans fall through she and her cousin Nina decide to cruise along the coast. Once again, her plans go awry. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and Luna feels every minute drag by before the sun gives way to the moon and she realizes her wish has been unfolding all day long.

'The longest day can have the sweetest ending'

Excerpt: Nina hops back onto the car. “We need to hurry, if we want to find a parking spot.” She cranks up the music, grabs her phone, and uses it like a mic, making faces and dancing all crazy in the driver’s seat. The wind catches our hair and blows it behind us as we jump on the 55 and head toward Newport. Salty sea air and shimmering water, here we come.

About the Author:
M.A. Cortez grew up spending her summers on the beach. Admittedly, she tends to be more of a sand shark than a mermaid.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Everybody reads YA / Sister Sleuths and The Wailing Darkness

Happy Everybody Reads YA Sunday.
Today I'm sharing an excerpt from The Wailing Darkness. A Sister Sleuths Mystery.

Blurb: The Sister Sleuths are at it again. Strange things began to take place when a wailing woman shows up around the same time as the new girl Darcy Sullivan. Samantha deduces that the woman is a banshee and her prediction is that one of their own will die.

Watch the trailer:

Excerpt: A small knot of worry spins itself into a heavy ball in the center of my chest and makes my blood run cold. This can’t be happening. Not again. The last time my sister saw a ghost, we nearly ended up dead.

About the Author: M. A. Cortez loves to solve mysteries. She watched a movie about a banshee once when she was very young and always wanted to write a story about one. And now she has.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Everybody Loves YA ~ Nixie Stories

Happy Everybody Loves YA Sunday.

If you haven’t read the Nixie stories You should really check them out. 
Nixie works at Recurve, a popular shooting range. She spends all of her free time at work or at practice. She's grown accustomed to an almost nonexistent love life, but when good looking Garrett shows for lessons, Cupid shows too. This new development brings out Nixie's competitive nature and pits two rival shooters against each other for first place in the tournament and in Garrett"s heart.


Nixie and her friends are back. Still stinging from her breakup with Garrett, Nixie didn’t expect love to find her again, but it did. 

About the Author:
Always a sucker for a good love story. M.A. Cortez lives with her family in Colorado. She spends her days reading, writing, and drinking lots of coffee. 

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Friday, March 3, 2017

My 50 words or less Children's Picture book story challenge.

I've decided to step up my game this year with my writing goals. One of those goals is to improve my writing in the area of picture books. I've joined new groups and tried new things. One is a challenge to write a picture book story in 50 words or less.
This awesome contest is hosted by picture book author Vivian Kirkfield. You can check out the details here.

My story is a simple one but it was fun to write. This is my first time attempting such a feat, so hope I did okay. 

"It’s Mommy’s birthday."
"Let’s make her a cake."
First a bowl. Then a spoon.
Pour the flour in.
Eggs, milk, sugar too.
Give it a spin Sam.
Give it a taste Jake.
Cupboard. Cupcake. Candle.
"What’s all this?"
"Happy Birthday Mommy. Look what we made for you."