Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday Night Lights

Getting out into the world is a great way to spark inspiration.
Last night, I went to watch my great nephew play football. It's been years since I was in that kind of environment, it was so  much fun. The autumn air was cool and a soft breeze brought the scent of old man winter just around the corner.
 The bleachers were full of people old and young alike. Grandparents who held their breath watching the perfect pass and parents cheering as their kids marched across the field at halftime in the band.
In the front lines, fresh-faced cheer leaders sparkled with spirit, as their team colors in corkscrew ribbons bounced in swishing  ponytails as the girls clapped and jumped in unison.
The rest of the kids , electrified by the energy from the crowd walked in packs pacing back and forth on  a path between the concession stand and the bleachers; cell phones glued to their ears talking about who was doing what with whom.  “You won’t believe who I just saw-slash-ran into!”
There’s a special kind of magic that brings people together in school colors and school spirit under the Friday night lights.