Friday, July 19, 2013

Sultry Days of Summer

Trying to save on my electric bill, I open my windows early in the morning and turn on the small fan in my writing room. We are well into summer and this heat can be stiffening.  
Now that I’m old-er when the temperatures hit those triple digits I wish for the coolness of Fall. But when it’s cold out I wish for the warm breezy evenings of summer. Why can’t we be like the kids and just enjoy what is.  They know how to make the most of the season, and summer means, picnics, pools, parks and sometimes carnivals, or when I was little, it was the church Fiesta.
Here’s an excerpt of a summer story I wrote.

Lupita and the Big Fiesta

          Tia Mina’s jalopy sputtered into the driveway. Cousins Carlos, Jose, and Marissa waved from inside. Lupita, scrambled into the backseat and they were on their way.
        The church parking lot was alive with a flurry music, booths, and Fiesta goers. The savory smells of deep fried tacos and rich red chile sauce made Lupita’s mouth water; but she had only one goal in mind.
      Among the crowds clutching cotton candy and high flying balloons she spotted The Hammer, looming like an angry giant.
     “I’ve just got to be tall enough,” she whispered.
      Lupita grabbed Marissa’s arm and pulled her toward the ride. She pressed her back against the sign that said YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO RIDE.  Reaching over her head, she held the spot with a pointed finger.
    “Woo-Hoo!” she cheered.
     The Hammer’s motor roared furiously. It flung its long arms like mad.
    Marissa shook her head. “I’m not riding on that.”
   “Pleeease,” Lupita begged. “You can pick all of the other rides today, if you’ll just promise to ride The Hammer with me.”

Do you have a favorite summer memory? Why don’t you write about it?