Sunday, April 10, 2016

Everybody Reads YA - Sister Sleuths and The Wailing Darkness

Happy YA Sunday everybody!

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my new release Sister Sleuths and The Wailing Darkness.

 THE WAILING DARKNESS puts sisters Sam and Sandy in the middle of another puzzling mystery. Only two people know the real reason Darcy O’ Sullivan, fainted in the middle of her performance, and one of them is Sam. When the girls discover that a banshee has been making appearances all over town, the race to find out who she’s after, begins. Is Darcy the person destined to die, or, is the wailing woman after Sam or Sandy? After a series of close calls, it seems no one safe from the banshee’s predictions of death.

A bean sidhe: In Irish folklore means (woman of fairyland) as stated in Merriam-Webster dictionary. Definition: A female spirit in Gaelic folklore whose appearance or wailing warns a family that one of them will soon die

My eyes wander over to where Darcy sits.
“Does she live by you?”
“A couple of blocks away.”
Darcy’s head is down, looking at her phone.
“I never noticed her taking the bus before.”
“She said her host parents used to drop her off in the mornings, but their work schedules have changed. So she’ll have to take the bus from now on.”
I don’t ask what they were laughing about, even though I’m dying to know.

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About the Author:

M.A. Cortez lives in Colorado. She was once forced to participate in an Irish folk dance performance with her fourth grade class. It did not go well. It did give her an appreciation for the music and the art of the Irish Dance. 
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