Sunday, April 17, 2016

Everybody Reads YA - Sister Sleuths and the Shadowman

Happy everybody reads YA Sunday.Time to share a little more of  Sister Sleuths series.

Sandy and Samantha are anything but your typical teen age twins.  Their similarities are few. Sandy is neurotypical while Samantha is on the spectrum, but the one thing they do well together is solve mysteries. 


Sam puts her notebook away and we head for the crosswalk because she refuses to jaywalk. Just as we get to the other side I notice the long car coming our way. It pulls over to the curb and one of the guys gets out. He's pencil thin with a long narrow face. He's walking toward us.

About the Author

 As a small child M. A. Cortez lived in a big old house with secret passageways and hidden doors, which, fueled her overactive imagination. She used those memories to create the setting for this story.

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