Sunday, May 8, 2016

Everybody reads YA Sunday- Sister Sleuths and The Wailing Darkness

Happy Everybody reads YA Sunday!

I just got back from vacation. In Cancun. And I still found time to read, Because sometimes a book is so exciting you just can't put it down. That's what people are saying about Sister Sleuths and the Wailing Darkness, 

 Blurb: Samantha and Sandy are twins with very different outlooks on life. Sandy a neurotypical teen who stresses over boyfriends and wearing the right clothes. Her sister Samantha is on the spectrum which comes with it's own set of everyday challenges, on top of that, she seems to have a knack for sensing supernatural occurrences. Together they try to unravel the mystery of a death foretold  by a stalker Banshee. 

Excerpt: “She came out of the fog like the devil in a dress. Her clothes were as black as crow feathers and her eyes… her eyes were red as hot coals. At first, I blamed the vision on the black stuff I’d been drinkin’ with the guys at the pub. But it was her screams that scared me the most. I held my hands over my ears, but it did no good. The sound burrowed inside my head and headed straight for my soul, and just like that, I knew someone close to me would die.”

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