Sunday, June 19, 2016

Everybody reads YA Sunday

Happy everybody reads YA Sunday! 
I’m excited to share an excerpt of my soon to be released short story Moon Dance, which will be featured in the Summer Solstice Anthology, Let’s Have Fun Volume One.

Blurb: Luna has one wish for her birthday. She wants to spend it forgetting her ex and celebrating with her family. When plans fall through she and her cousin Nina decide to cruise along the PCH. Once again things go awry. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and Luna feels every minute of it drag by before the sun gives way to the moon and she realizes her wish has been unfolding all day long.


 I shade my eyes and look into the sky. The sun has burned through the morning haze. The brightness bounces off Uncle Mike’s racy red convertible as cars zoom past us. No one seems to want to help. I can’t blame them. We probably look like two spoiled rich girls waiting for the world to make things right. 
About the Author:
As a teen M.A. Cortez spent many of her summer afternoons at Newport beach in Southern California. She now lives in Colorado with her husband surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Like all California girls, when summer comes around she feels the pull of the ocean and must revisit it, even if it’s just in a story like this one.

Sister Sleuths and The Shadowman

Sister Sleuths and The Wailing Darkness

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