Sunday, July 31, 2016

Everybody reads YA / Sister Sleuths and the Wailing Darkness

Hi Everyone happy everybody reads YA Sunday.
If you've read The Sister Sleuths and the Shadowman you have to pick up the second book, The Wailing Darkness to see what the girls are up to next.

 THE WAILING DARKNESS puts sisters Sam and Sandy in the middle of another puzzling mystery. Only two people know the real reason Darcy O’ Sullivan, fainted in the middle of her performance, and one of them is Sam. When the girls discover that a banshee has been making appearances all over town, the race to find out who she’s after begins. Is Darcy the person destined to die, or, is the wailing woman after Sam, Sandy, or Jeremy? After a series of close calls, it seems no one safe from the banshee’s predictions of death.

“Sam, you can’t find the crying lady on Google,” I grumble, from inside my pillow hat.
The keyboard clacks as she continues to type away. “I can,” she says. “Look, I did.”
This gets me up and awake. I extract myself from the coziness of my warm blankets and blink bleary-eyed at the screen.
 A lady dressed in a flowing white gown, her frost white hair billows over her shoulders and around her narrow waist. One hand rests over her heart; the other points a bony finger out to the abyss. Her eyes are half closed, her mouth twisted in an agonizing scream.
 The word banshee appears below it.

About the Author

 M.A. Cortez is the author of The Sister Sleuths and the Shadowman, 27xs, and Moondance. She lives in Colorado surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. You can visit her at

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