Sunday, September 4, 2016

Everybody Reads YA Sunday/ The Sister Sleuths And The Shadowman

 Happy everybody reads YA Sunday. I'm sharing an excerpt from book 1 in the Sister Sleuth series. If you loved Nancy Drew Mysteries, check out this series.

Blurb: Sisters Samantha and Sandy meet a mysterious girl on social media, but when they go to see her in person they find out she was murdered. Her ghost refuses to leave them alone until they help bring her killer to justice.

 Excerpt: The wooden steps creak as we climb them. The old platform floor feels fragile under our weight. The wind picks up and blows our hair in all directions. Static is heavy in the air. I knock on the door.

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About the Author

As a small child M. A. Cortez lived in a big old house with plenty of secret passageways and hidden doors, which, fueled her overactive imagination. She used those memories to create the setting for this story.
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