Sunday, January 8, 2017

Everybody reads YA - Sister Sleuths and The Shadowman

Happy Everybody reads YA Sunday. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my first published book. The Sister Sleuths and the Shadowman.

 The thing about a secret is, it always comes back to haunt you…


A pair of twin sisters befriend a lonely girl on Facebook, and soon find themselves in the middle of a mystery. With each clue they uncover, the girls get closer to discovering a secret that has been buried for decades.


"I felt it you know, when her spirit left her body I collapsed. When I woke up and they told me about Annabelle, I already knew. I didn't cry and I guess they thought I had something to do with her death, although no one ever said it out loud."

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See what the sisters are up in book 2

About the Author: 

As a small child M. A. Cortez lived in a big old house with plenty of secret passageways and hidden doors, which, fueled her overactive imagination. She used those memories to create the setting for this story.

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