Sunday, April 9, 2017

Everybody Reads YA~ Sister Sleuths and The Shadowman

Happy Everybody reads YA Sunday! 
I'm so excited to share an excerpt and the new cover of my book The Sister Sleuths and the Shadowman.

 Sandy and Samantha may be twins, but sharing the same birthday is where their similarities end. It seems the girls will never find common ground until they stumble upon another set of siblings hiding secrets, lies, and shadows of the past. 
 A big gray cloud covers the sun and most of the blue sky. There is an icy bite in the air. “Snow’s coming,” Sam says. She knows things like that. Maybe she is just more attuned to nature than I am. I never really pay much attention unless she mentions it.  We walk briskly through the neighborhood, and in about five minutes we are standing by the side entrance of the house. “Let’s go to the front door,” 

About the author,

M.A. Cortez loves creepy old houses, sister stories, and mysteries. That's why she just had to write The Sister Sleuths and The Shadowman.

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